This was a home battle for D’Loe in which he battled LA Cruize from Tulsa, Ok in his home city OKC! This battle was highly anticipated due to the fact that both MC’s were willing to put up their own money for a cash bet leaving hundreds of dollars on the line with Judges picked on the spot. Also LA Cruize had already called out all of Oklahomas hottest Battle Team (2XXL) to come to the ring and fight for stripes. He had previously had a good bout with 2XXL’s Chuck Deezy a few months prior in Tulsa, Ok on LA Cruize’s Battle League (Cash RBL) based out of T-Town. Although Oklahoma Artists travel state to state sharing the same passion to put the state on the map, D’Loe and LA Cruize went head to head to give the people a show! Watch and see if Oklahomas Freestyle King D’Loe went home with the $$$$$$!