On July 30th, 1984 a rising star was born! Dontay Dominique Pompey A.K.A “D’Loe” from 2XXL has shown signs of being an entertainer since he was able to balance on his two feet. He started out as a charming toddler making the world laugh and smile with his brave and outgoing personality. His love for music has been embedded in him since an early age. At the age of 7 D’Loe was freestyle rapping in front of Elementary Schools classes with his early partner in crime Audra Mae Butts “kicking” the beat. He wrote his first song at the age of 8 and hasn’t stopped writing and performing since. His talents have brought him a long way in life putting an impression on a lot of friends, family, and fans along the way.

D’loe got involved in Theatre his freshman year attending Putnam City Original High School. Over the years of coaching from Donna Brown he became First in the State and district for Humorous interpretation, 9th in the Nation out of 2,000 in Humorous Interpretation along with many other awards and top rankings from various categories and tournaments. He was accepted into the University of Central Oklahoma on a Theatre Scholarship in which led him to land respected roles in School Plays including The role “Cory” in the well known play “Fences” by August Wilson.

Outside of schooling and training, D’Loe decided to join the field of Stand up Comedy. He made his first debut as an open mic emcee at The Looney Bin Comedy Club in Oklahoma City, OK. From there he made his way to hosting for big names that made appearances here in OKC. He also landed headlining spots on the road. He has always enjoyed music and freestyle rapping at events, parties, school hallways and cafeterias, etc. He has been in too many rap battles and remain as one of the hardest to beat in Oklahoma! He has done commercials on BET calling out all rappers in his home state to come and challenge him for a chance for the crown as Freestyle King of OK. This is a name that D’Loe didn’t give himself, but earned from the crowd and local artists in his home state.

As you all know D’Loe stepped into the field of battle rapping causing him to go against other emcees with time to transcribe the performance. This was a change for D’Loe seeing how he was accustomed to rapping to a beat making up lyrics as he went in his head. He now has to compete against other talented artists who have equal time to write lyrics better preparing them to put on an acapella performance the day of the event. He has went city to city knocking off home town rising stars for a well respected placement amongst Southern Battle rap artists. As of 2017 D’loe has put on remarkable and memorable performances in cities such as Houston, TX, Killeen, TX , New Orleans, LA, Atlanta, Georgia, and of course his home Oklahoma City, OK. He has made it to the mainstage in every state he has visited.

D’Loe looks back on his adulthood and can smile at the things he’s accomplished, but he knows that he is destined to touch another level and won’t stop until he does. 2018 will be a year of owning his own name by pushing¬†his brand across the country. 2019 will be the year D’Loe takes over the game and changes it forever by winning battles, releasing new music and so much more.¬†Stay tuned because it’s D’Loe versus…